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Here is Brittney's story from Louisiana.

Life of an Aspie

I've had trouble learning in school, since I was little. When I was 6 I was diagnosed with ADHD. When I was in school kids made fun of me all the time. I've had my life threaten, straight pins thrown at me. Kids going through my stuff, I've been called Michael Jackson b/c my hair was so thick. At the end of 7th grade, I was 15, my mother and I both said we've had enough. She said she was taking me out and going to start homeschooling me. When I left in the 7th grade I could barely read on my own. In a year I taught my self how to read. When I left it would take me at least a hour if not more just to read on paragraph. In that one year I learned how to read 23 chapters in 2 weeks. About A year and a half later I was reading 49 chapters in 1 week. Now I'm reading a 600 page, maybe more in about 4 days. I also write my own short stories now to boost. I was able to teach myself a whole lot more on my own than the teachers and school system down here ever could have. I did have a couple of wonderful teachers that knew that I needed help,. They did everything they could to help me. I am now working on getting my High School Diploma. I'm more than have way through. I don't live the normal Aspie life. I have the mildest case the doctors have seen, and I've been exposed to so much. My uncle traveled all the time in the US when I was little so I would travel with him. I would spends summers with him every year. Which in return he was able to take me to 35 states. He was also able to take me to Washington DC 8 times, Springfield, Ill. Mount Rushmore. The Keys, The whole East coast. Pretty much anywhere that has to deal with American History, but mostly Abraham Lincoln. At times living with Aspie's is hard, I'll be the first one to admit it. But for the most part it's pretty easy. I do learn things differently then most. Hands on mostly, and with school, mostly, especially with math, I learn it backwards. Like the hard stuff I understand it and can pick up on it fairly fast but the easy things with Math, it takes me a little while. I do hate the happy birthday song, can't stand it. And clowns, OMG I'm flipping out just typing about it. I have actually saw just the shoes, ran and hide behind my mother and started crying. That was sometime last year. HATE them. Went to Gulfport Music Fest last year, Vanilla Ice was there singing, he had clowns on stage with him. Had to turn around and listen to him with my back turned just so I could be okay. I have panic attacks in large crowds. Had my heart go up to 160 and 170 before. But I don't let it control me. In fact I'm going back to GMF in 3 weeks to see my favorite band, OneRepublic. Like I tell everyone, I might have Aspergers but I'm not your typical Aspergers child.

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